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Autor: Miguel Angel Valera Gómez
Formato: Comunicación técnica panel
Tipo: Difusión de Proyecto
Temática: Desarrollo rural
ODS relacionados: Producción y consumo responsables, , ,
Documentos asociados: Doc. Panel
Desarrollo de bioplásticos para embalaje industrial a partir de biomasa vegetal desaprovechada (arbustos, árboles y otras especies leñosas).

BeonNAT proposes to use marginal lands in Europe to
obtain forest biomass for the production of 8 products
based on 7 new bio-based value chains.
BeonNAT will allow the production of biodegradable
bio-based products and bioactive compounds that will play an important role to replace fossil-based competing substitute products.
The plantion of tree and shrub sprecies in marginal lands following intercropping techniques, will contribute to the biodiversity protection while improving soil fertility and organic carbon stocks.

t will create a multiple new bio-based value chain approach. This will feature new industrial sources of feedstock, new prototype designs, new green extractions and purification technologies and new materials (or products) with new properties (and characteristics). AIMPLAS will develop PLA and an active cosmetic packaging from it, in collaboration with Maverick.

It will contribute to increase the supply of bio-based products using previously untapped land resources.
lt will also increase the knowledge of the most effective trees and shrubs to use as feedstock.
lt will establish several new cross-sectoral interconnections in the bio-based economy. These
connections will be between the chemical, cosmetic, health care, pet and packaging sectors.

Este proyecto cuenta con la financiación del Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico a través de la convocatoria pública de subvenciones a entidades del Tercer Sector para actividades de interés general consideradas de interés social en materia de investigación