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Autor: Mireia Fernández Bazán
Formato: Comunicación técnica panel
Tipo: Difusión de Proyecto
Temática: Residuos
ODS relacionados: Producción y consumo responsables, , ,
Documentos asociados: Doc. Panel
Aumentar el uso circular y sostenible de los materiales textiles en la UE y minimizar el impacto ambiental del sector.

The main goal of CISUTAC is to remove current bottlenecks in textile management to increase circular use of textiles in EU, and to minimise the total environmental impact of the sector thereby developing sustainable, novel and inclusive large-scale EU value chains, building on past/ongoing work of several partners. CISUTAC will cover major parts of the textile sector focusing on two material groups and products from three sub-sectors.

The materials in focus are polyester (PET) and cotton & man-made cellulosic (MMC), which often appear as blends, and which form together almost 90% of all textile fibre materials. The three sub-sectors are normal clothing referred to as ‘garments’; textile-based sportsgear & sportswear referred to as ‘active goods’; and protective workwear (like firefighter suits), referred to as ‘PPE’ (personal protective equipment).
CISUTAC follows a holistic approach covering the technical, sectorial, and socio-economic levels.

The project will provide systemic innovations at these
levels and perform 3 pilots to demonstrate their feasibility and value:
• Repair and disassembly.
• Sorting for reuse and recycling.
• Circular garments through fibre-to-fibre recycling and design for circularity.

Este proyecto cuenta con la financiación del Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica y el Reto Demográfico a través de la convocatoria pública de subvenciones a entidades del Tercer Sector para actividades de interés general consideradas de interés social en materia de investigación